I am a simultaneous interpreter, translator and writer/editor.  I am obsessed with clear, succinct and elegant communication in the English and Japanese languages.  My solid academic background forms the foundation of my work.  My rigorous professional training in simultaneous interpreting ensures quality and reliability of my performance.  My extensive professional experience allows me to add more value to my service than what my clients expect from me.    

For more than 20 years, I have worked as a simultaneous interpreter.  My broad interest and curiosity have led me to interpreting at human rights conferences at the United Nations, high-profile international patent infringement cases in court, academic seminars at top Japanese universities, cutting-edge medical and scientific conferences, business negotiations between major US and Japanese corporations, to name a few.  

Prior to my freelance career, I was a vice president of a Tokyo-based bank, working as the primary interpreter for the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Executive Officer/President of the bank.

I have translated books on international human rights law and alternative farming called “permaculture.”  I have ghostwritten a number of books but unfortunately I can not name my clients because being a “ghost” is part of my service.  I have edited and rewritten marketing materials, websites, and articles that are culturally sensitive.  

I have a B.A. from the University of Tokyo in interdisciplinary social science, and M.S. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in digital media.  I have done an eight-credit undergraduate coursework at Harvard University in general chemistry.  

My strong sense of service stems from my awareness that I have simply been fortunate to be given opportunities to study, learn and build a solid academic foundation.  I have been awarded merit scholarships three times to study in the United States: the graduate study at Columbia Journalism School by the Fulbright Program; a one-year high school exchange program by AYUSA; a summer language program in Seattle, WA, by Obunsha, a Japanese educational publisher.  I am eternally grateful for these opportunities.