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My Services

English-Japanese Interpretation

From governments to global corporations, academics to nonprofits, I serve clients large and small who require premiere professional interpretation services. Backed by a broad knowledge base accumulated over 20 years of professional experience and education at top schools, I quickly and accurately capture your intention, subtle nuances and technicalities, and ensure your key message is clearly understood by your audience.

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English-Japanese Translation

English-Japanese Translation

Frustrated with translation that seems grammatically correct but hard to understand? Based on decades of simultaneous interpreting experience for top-notch institutions, ranging from the United Nations to international corporations, from scholars to journalists, I serve clients who need more than just verbatim translation. I work closely with my clients to ensure their intention is clearly conveyed into Japanese or English.

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Communication Consultation

Need to prepare a presentation or speech that grabs the hearts of audience who don’t speak your language? I help you express your message in culturally effective ways. Unlike translation of an existing document, I work closely with my clients from scratch to create successful speeches and presentations. Interpreting a total of more than 10,000 speeches by global leaders and presentations by business executives, I know what works.

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Executive English Coaching

Mastering English

Professionals, do you need to communicate in English? Business executives, are you preparing for an important meeting or presentation in English? Expats, are you frustrated when someone seems not to understand your English? Future interpreters, do you wish to improve your skills in a short time? You are in the right place! I offer tailored English learning programs to meet your specific needs to achieve your goals asap.

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About Me

Aya Watanabe

I take great joy and pride in bringing my extensive professional background to provide you with CLEAR communication.

Based on a solid academic foundation, with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Tokyo and a Master of Science from Columbia Graduate School of Journalism as a Fulbright scholar, I offer the highest quality of communication services, bridging English and Japanese languages and cultures.

Decades of assisting international organizations, corporations, government and academic institutions enables me to support you to be as successful as possible.  I am grateful for the continued loyalty of my clients that comprise almost 90% of my existing business.