Communication Consultation

I Know What Works

Presentations and speeches are successful only when the speaker’s intention and key message are accurately understood by the audience.  It gets even more challenging when you have to speak in front of an audience with whom you don’t share the language and cultural context.

I help my clients prepare presentations and speeches in their foreign language that are culturally appropriate and flow naturally.

This is not a translation service.  We, you and I, work together closely to create a new presentation or speech.  I will sit side by side with you (figuratively) and make sure all your key points will be well understood by your audience.

Optionally, I make an audio recording of the presentation or speech script to demonstrate effective delivery and provide pronunciation tips for your practice.

Why Work with Me?

In my more than 20 years of professional experience as a simultaneous interpreter, I have interpreted a total of more than 10,000 speeches by global leaders and presentations by business executives.  I know what works.

I have successfully assisted business executives, journalists, academics and medical doctors prepare their crucial presentations and speeches.

Looking for a first-class communication consultant?