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Speak Professional and Feel Confident

I teach English to Japanese professionals such as business executives, doctors, newscasters, journalists, researchers, interpreters and those Japanese who live in English-speaking countries.

I taught myself English and became a simultaneous interpreter, a profession that requires the highest and most practical proficiency in the language.  I know how to learn a foreign language.  And I also know the pitfalls that most Japanese will experience when learning English.

I didn’t grow up speaking English. Rather, I started studying the language in the 7th grade and fell in love with it.  I taught myself the pronunciation, the grammar, and how to speak it fluently, and later learned how to speak and behave professionally in the English-speaking world as a simultaneous interpreter.

Since this is a service I offer to Japanese-speaking people, the details of my offering, such as course types and rates, are available in the corresponding page in Japanese (here).  If you know someone to whom you think my courses might be of benefit, please refer them to this page.

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