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Never Get “Lost in Translation“ Ever Again!

Have you ever felt frustrated reading a translation that doesn’t flow naturally in your mind?  Have you ever felt disappointed receiving a translation from an external translator that doesn’t quite capture your key concepts or intentions?

As long as translated words are “not wrong” by dictionary definitions and grammar used is “not wrong,” it’s hard to claim the translation is not “right.”  But your sense is right.  This sort of translation indeed doesn’t feel “right” when it misses to capture and convey your key message.

It often takes going beyond verbatim translation to convey the real meaning of the writing, because writing is limited.

With a solid professional experience of being a simultaneous interpreter for almost 25 years and postgraduate training in journalism (M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University), I do not hesitate to go beyond verbatim when appropriate.  When interpreting, if what I say doesn’t make sense in that instance, it’s no use having me.  I approach translation in the same manner.  I will make your translation flow naturally and makes perfect sense in the target language of Japanese or English.

Types of Translation Services


I will make your translation NOT look like a translation.  I look beyond dictionary definition of words and superficial verbatim translation to truly capture and convey your intention in Japanese.


Most Japanese writing follows Japanese logic, which is almost in complete reverse order to English logic. With your permission, I will rebuild your logic blocks in a more sensible manner to English readers.


I transcribe and then translate your audio file. If you don’t need transcription, I will simply listen to your audio recording in Japanese or English and translate it into English or Japanese to save your time and money.


Presentations, IR materials, Proposals, Press releases, PR materials, Marketing materials, Speech scripts, MC scripts, Academic papers, Journals, Catalogues, Books, Magazines, Newspaper articles


Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Petrochemical, Medical, Academic, Legal, Intellectual Property, Human Rights, Ecology & Environment, Social, Governance


Symposia, Press conferences, Meetings, Speeches, Video recordings, TV programs

3 Steps to Your Perfect Translation

From Estimate to Delivery, I will make sure to keep in close communication with you as needed, so that I can assure you that the translation will capture and convey your message and intention as accurate as possible!

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